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The Association was established in June 2017 in Barcelona with the mission to promote chess and its educational benefits in the mental, emotional and social development of children in the primary education of Spain as a tool that contributes to the achievement of a just and democratic society.

In order to fulfil this mission we aim to:

  • develop the teaching of foreign languages by applying and promoting the method of experience-based learning

  • propagate chess and its benefits in primary education with the mission to reach remote, rural areas

  • disseminate Chess and English educational method in primary education in Spain.

To fulfill these purposes, we carry out the following activities:

  • Training courses for teachers and mentoring follow-up

  • Studies and research on the topics of the benefits of chess and the method of learning based on experience

  • Events to promote social chess

  • Events to promote chess as a pedagogical tool

  • Develop projects related to the purpose of the association

  • Establish relationships and cooperation with other Associations, public or private institutions, Foundations, Professional companies, at an autonomous, national and international level, etc. for purposes similar to our objectives, and develop joint research, innovation and creation projects

  • Edit and produce educational and cultural materials, both print and electronic

  • Any other leisure, educational, knowledge and learning activity deemed appropriate by the association




Chess Education Europe S.L. was founded by George Angyan in July 2015 in Barcelona. Its objective is to make accessible the vast pedagogical benefits of chess both in primary and in out-of-school education and related to this, the global promotion of the fully-fledged ELT program, Chess and English. The company is the official publisher of the books of the Chess and English program.

At Chess Education Europe we believe that chess and Chess and English can contribute to educate the next generation fundamental skills and social values while playing chess.



George Ángyán


George is the author of the Chess and English program. He also works as the CEO of Chess Education Europe publishing house in Barcelona editing Chess and English. An English and history teacher by profession and with vast experiences from educational institutes and schools in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Hungary and Spain, George is passionate about chess. As a child it was professional chess. Now, it is about bringing chess to schools as a pedagogical tool.

​Regina Fulop

Chess and English program manager

Regina, the program manager of the Chess and English project, is a socio-economist by profession and before starting at Chess and English role she worked a significant time in educational and social development projects. She is devoted to just, democratic values and to transmit them through education. She joined Chess and English to help in management, marketing and product development.


Peter Merrow-Smith

lyrics, chants

Peter is a multi-talented educator from Chinnor, England.  To Chess and English he brings his creative writing skills, composing poems and chants that convey the chess content to young children in clear and vibrant English.

Adela Galova


Adel, a journalist and literary translator by profession, is a passionate folk and electronic singer, thus sang the songs in Chess and English. Adel is a human rights activist, too.

Jacqueline Molnár


Jacqueline dreamt and drew the artwork in Chess and English. A renown illustrator all over Europe, her sensitivity, compassion and visual sense of humour make children want to let their copies of Chess and English go not.

Jamie Winchester


Jamie is an Irish singer-songwriter, living in the South-East of Ireland. Jamie had a successful career as a solo artist in Hungary during his 25 years living there. He is now semi-retired, having chosen to concentrate on his songwriting, his family, and occasional important projects.

David Torrents​


David is one of the most exciting graphic designers and poster artists in Barcelona these days. He can make city squares flash up under your feet as you speak. In Chess and English David helped us with his clear visual taste and precision.

Gabi Rácz


Gabi photographed the images in Chess and English. Mother of three, she felt on home ground capturing childen playing chess at the school or adults doing the same on the beach, in a wheelchair, during their coffee breaks from construction works. Gabi caught those moments for you, it is your turn to see them.

László Grünvald


László composed the music for the songs in Chess and English. Formed at the Hungarian Music Academy, he is one of the four members of Hungary's splendid Talamba Band and would be a challenge to present him an instrument he cannot play.

Péter Molnár

video, visuals

Péter shot the videos for Chess and English. Working together on the image film with Gabi, Zoli and Dani (CMDesign) his passion got him through even those icy slopes in the Alps filming chess players. Péter works with the highest standards, a quality that earned him several major assignments such as that of the Veszprem Music Festival.



Kennia Báez

country manager, Mexico

Kennia is a Mexican entrepreneur and nutritionist by profession, school monitor and official chess coach, dedicated to the promotion of educational chess.


Tel:+52 1 612 169 4579

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