We offer the Plan Knight for English teachers who are interested in introducing this innovative school program. Find a short description below and feel free to contact us if you have futher questions or require more information.


Plan Knight

Plan Knight is an open training for both freelance and school-based English teachers and primary school teachers with a min B2 level of English who are interested to start a Chess and English program. During a 4-day teachers' training (20h) you will learn how to run a Chess and English course* that widens your professional methodology background and gives you the opportunity to include the program in the agenda of your school(s).

Teachers accredited for the Chess and English program can also join our Teachers’ Pool and become one of our teachers in Plan Rook

See the next dates and venues for the teachers' trainings below, and follow us on our social media platforms for up-to-date information.

*The Chess and English course can only be conducted by certified Chess and English teachers, a certification that you receive after attending one of our trainings. To participate in the trainings there is no need to know the rules of chess beforehand, the only requirement is to be a teacher of English.


The price includes the training fee, the training material, coffee break catering during the training and the Teachers' Pack (on CD).


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Training events in 2018

February 22, 2018

- March 3, 2018


Training for teachers MADRID

Madrid, venue to be confirmed later.


23/2/2018 17.00-20.00

24/2/2018 10.00-17.00

2/3/2018 17.00-20.00

3/3/2018 10.00-17.00

March 15, 2018

- March 24, 2018


Training for teachers SEVILLA

Sevilla, venue to be confirmed later.


16/3/2018 17.00-20.00

17/3/2018 10.00-17.00

23/3/2018 17.00-20.00

24/3/2018 10.00-17.00

April 05, 2018

- April 14, 2018


Training for teachers BILBAO

Bilbao, venue to be confirmed later.


6/4/2018 17.00-20.00

7/4/2018 10.00-17.00

13/4/2018 17.00-20.00

14/4/2018 10.00-17.00

April 20, 2018

- April 28, 2018


Training for teachers VALENCIA

Valencia, venue to be confirmed later.


21/4/2018 10.00-19.00

28/4/2018 10.00-19.00

May 17, 2018

- May 26, 2018


Training for teachers BARCELONA

Barcelona, venue to be confirmed later.


18/5/2018 17.00-20.00

19/5/2018 10.00-17.00

25/5/2018 17.00-20.00

26/5/2018 10.00-17.00

June 28, 2018

- July 7, 2018


Training for teachers MADRID

Madrid, venue to be confirmed later.


29/6/2018 17.00-20.00

30/6/2018 10.00-17.00

6/7/2018 17.00-20.00

7/7/2018 10.00-17.00

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